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Next: Guzzle Tandoori, 30/1 
12:47pm 27/01/2009
  (I always forget to update this here... lookit me, remembering! :D)

After a break for Christmas and New Years, we're getting back into it, with Guzzle Tandoori (always smells delicious in there...) this Friday night at 8.00pm. Please RSVP so I can book! :)
07:42pm 18/06/2008
  I may have forgotten to announce the next Eat King St here... so! We are going to Arabella Lebanese Restaurant (with belly dancing!). Anyone who would like to join us, please let me know ASAP so I can confirm numbers.  
Eating Again: HaLong Vietnamese 
10:52am 25/05/2008
  Last time we attempted HaLong, life got in the way, so we're trying it again next Friday 30th May, at 8.00pm. Food is Vietnamese and location is a block down from Alice St, city side. Please RSVP so I can book!

Next: HaLong Vietnamese Restaurant, 10/5 
05:00pm 03/05/2008

Next venue is HaLong Vietnamese restaurant, which is just city-side of Alice St. Time is 8.00pm, date is 1 week from now - SATURDAY the 10th May.

Please RSVP so I can make a booking! :)

i'll kick things off again... 
08:35am 27/11/2003
mood: hungry
i normally hate the "i'm new here" posts, so i won't do one, cos it's painfully obvious that i haven't posted before.

i live towards the Erskineville end of King Street, and I know that if i had enough money I'd eat at Doy Thaio (i can't remember how it's spelt) every second night. Every other night, i'd eat at Newtons Cocina, washing both meals down with a few cold brewskies at the Town Hall, then in a drunken state, emerging several hours later, and stumbling across the road for some Oportos.
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06:23pm 26/11/2003
Did we forget about this or what?
There's a bunch of new people now, too. Howdy!
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05:18pm 05/03/2001
mood: awake
On thursday, the wonderful Ruth and David S. Accompanyed Jason and myself to Kellys pub for dinner and trivia.

On the menu are some very stout pub meals, a personal favourite being Bangers and Mash. The mash is made from real potato(gasp!), and the serves are quite massive. So much so that we only ordered 2 meals, and they fed the 4 of us quite easily.

The only down side was, lack of vegetarian options, there's only one. And the speakers are very loud. Its pretty hard not to sit near one.
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09:19am 11/06/2003
mood: chipper
Does anyone know if Newton's Cocina is open tonight. I'm taking a friend out for her birthday and wanted to take her there... red_kat, do you know?
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03:27pm 10/06/2003
  This is the membership request post.
Please join the community here, then post in this entry for full access. If you do not do so, you will be able to comment on other entries, but not post entries to the community.
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