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On thursday, the wonderful Ruth and David S. Accompanyed Jason and myself to Kellys pub for dinner and trivia.

On the menu are some very stout pub meals, a personal favourite being Bangers and Mash. The mash is made from real potato(gasp!), and the serves are quite massive. So much so that we only ordered 2 meals, and they fed the 4 of us quite easily.

The only down side was, lack of vegetarian options, there's only one. And the speakers are very loud. Its pretty hard not to sit near one.
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Given they get their food from Cafe C (on the corner) and the food one can have sit-down in Cafe C is far superior, what is going on? Does Kelly's only get the crap stuff Cafe C can't possibly foist onto its real customers? Eat Cafe C's food at Kelly's and it is definitely cheaper, but there's less choice and it's generally inedible (except perhaps for the Irish Stew).

Much better: Citrus espresso bar, where they know how to do a steak rare.